Monday, July 21, 2008

Citations and Uses of Ray Tracer Code

The real-time ray tracing code I wrote for PS3 Cell and CUDA GPGPU is being used by others. David Yuen's group at the Department of Geology and Geophysics and Minnesota Supercomputing Institute at the University of Minnesota used my PS3 code as the starting point for tsunami modeling. From their IEEE Vis 2007 poster session Use of Ray Tracing Techniques on Tsunami Simulation Data with the PlayStation® 3:

"This poster will discuss how we have used the PlayStation® 3’s cell processor to implement and employ parallelized visualization, through the form of ray tracing techniques, on tsunami data. By adapting Eric Rollins’ ray tracing package, we were able to implement his ray casting techniques on triangles. This allowed us to triangulate our tsunami datasets, stored as [x, y, height] data, and feed the triangulated data into the program. We rendered 4000 triangle objects from the data and applied a colormap based on each triangle’s height value. Finally, we displayed the generated image."

They also published a paper Experiments in scientific computation on the PlayStation 3 in the Springer journal Visual Geosciences. This PowerPoint presentation shows images from my and their work.

Other students are trying CUDA GPGPU ray tracing. Michael Allgyer (DOC) cited my work in his masters thesis proposal. Umut Erturk asked me about PS3 versus GPGPU for his thesis. Others are trying to get my CUDA code working on windows.


Niko said...
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Niko said...

Finally I've implemented a ray tracer for Cell (ps3) by using KD-Tree acceleration structure however the job distribution is static; each thread scans one line at a time moreover couldn't manage to use intrinsic function (because of time constraints, working and studying at the same time doesn't really work) thus I couldn't really benefit from the Cell's vector processing ability. I am planning to publish the result chapter of my thesis in my blog (, I hope someone finds it useful.