Monday, July 14, 2008

C baseline for ACO TSP

In my previous post on the Multi-Core Problem I discussed comparing the performance of multi-core-friendly languages to the baseline performance of single-threaded C code. The test case I have been using is Ant Colony Optimization for TSP. In a recent post Leonardo Maffi has rewritten my ACO TSP code in C. This provides a baseline for comparisons:

Time Multiple Speedup
in secs of C (1->2)
C 0.4 1 n/a
Scala 10.0 25 1.7
Haskell 22.0 55 1.4
Erlang 93.0 233 1.9

gcc (GCC) 4.2.4 (Debian 4.2.4-1).
Compiled gcc -Wall -O3 -s ant_c.c -o ant_c
Still 1000 iterations, 200 cities.
Times for other languages from here .
Initial speedups from here (Scala interpolated), and do not model decay at higher numbers of cores.

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