Saturday, May 19, 2007

Gadgets from Maker Faire

I picked up some useful gadgets at Maker Faire today.

One is a bendable tripod called a Gorillapod. I've attached it to my webcam. This should be useful for remote board-gaming.

Another gadget is the Make Controller Kit. It is actually a complete board (no soldering required).

It attaches via USB or Ethernet to a PC and provides 8 analog inputs, 8 digital outputs, and 4 servo controllers. It can be controlled by the PC with simple commands embeddable in most programming languages. This is similar to the Ditch-Day Stack Controller I built years ago in college. The Make Controller's processor (55 MHz ARM RISC) can also be programmed directly in C using the GNU GCC toolchain. The embedded Real-time OS FreeRTOS and web server (!) also look interesting.

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